Welcome to the 2022 Players Pool Tourney!!!

We have kept the cost to $5 per entry to encourage broader participation. Please pass this along to anyone who you might feel would like to enjoy something beyond the standard bracket. The bigger, the better!

Now, the rules . . .
  1. Coaches (you) are given 10 pretend dollars to buy a five player team from those listed. Any players not listed in the Player List link to the left have a value of 1. All teams must consist of exactly 5 players.
  2. Coaches may have no more than 2 players on their entry from the same school.
  3. The winner is the Coach whose 5 player team scores the most points during the tournament. The Tuesday/Wedesday playin games DO NOT COUNT.
  4. Teams will be entered on this website. Click on 'Add Entry' on the left and enter your Name, Team name, contact info and players accordingly. Then click submit and you’re done! In the event that your player is not listed, please send me an e-mail (spoonerstreet52@yahoo.com) and I can add them.
  5. Coaches are encouraged to spend all 10 of the salary cap to build their team, but could conceivably build the winning team with less.
  6. Coaches are encouraged to field as many teams as their schedule and wallets/purses allow, with each team costing the Coach $5.
  7. Prizes are as follows:
  8. 1st Place – 60% of money collected
    2nd Place – 30% of money collected
    3rd Place – 10% of money collected
    Ties will not be broken – Prize money will be shared accordingly
  9. Deadline to turn in your entries is Thursday, 3/17/22 before the first games tip at noon. All money must be turned in or other arrangements made by this time as well. . You can just send it via venmo to @spoonerstreet52 or contact someone who perhaps forwarded you this link to make arrangements. If you are collecting for others you can just send it all to me at once just note who you are paying for. If you need to pay me another way just email me and we can figure it out.

  10. Please forward on to your friends, family, coworkers, etc. I encourage the growth of this thing, especially now that you all enter your own teams. The bigger, the better as far as I’m concerned.

    The Yearly Fine Print:

    - If a player on your team or an entire team gets removed due to covid there is nothing that will be done to adjust the scores.

    - Please note that these player value sheets are partially created ahead of the Tournament Selection Show. If a player listed is not on a participating NCAA Tournament team, I HIGHLY suggest you not draft him. The NIT, CIB and any other “Let’s Make Sure Every Team Gets to Play” Tournament DOES NOT count, just like in real life.
    - If you turn in an invalid team, I will do my best to get back to you before the deadline to correct. If I cannot for any reason, your team will be invalid and forfeited.
    - I'm always ready for questions or new suggestions on how to improve for next year. Email will be the best way to reach me throughout the tournament.
    Thanks for participating and have a great tournament.